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Words From Our Customers

Eileen Chew - google
Verified review

Had LeTarts for my dessert table during wedding and it was all gone in a short one hour. Everyone loved it! It was suitable for people for all ages, even the older folks were giving praises. Absolutely amazing💯

Rosanna Cil - google
Verified review

Very seldom a local bakery/patisserie will surpass my expectations. Le'Tart is a wonderfully low key Singapore patisserie. When I knew they were taking the mini tarts tea obsession off their menu, I had to order AGAIN. The mini tarts arrived in time for my afternoon tea. Each tart is a morsel of sheer delight with a burst of flavour. Very carefully designed and put together. Their designs are simply scrumptious to ogle and made eating more "difficult". How can one bear to eat these mini works of art? Too beautiful. IMy pictures do not give them enough justice. Le Tart's packaging is classy and understated. Minimal with a rich feeling. I also ordered the salmon and bacon quiches. They are again simply out of this world. I can eat two for dinner! Le' Tart has once again WOWed me! Consistent high quality always. I am eagerly waiting for their new creations and will order more next time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Pamela Koh - google
Verified review

The tarts were the star of the 满月 boxes that we ordered! My family members raved about them. I also liked that the card attached to it comes with personalized designs by their in-house designer, and not just some standard templates online. The designs are also fresh and modern. Lynn has also been extremely responsive and helpful from the start to end of the transaction. Highly recommended!

Ashley Soh - google
Verified review

Started purchasing from letart since Jan’22. Purchased 4 times since then for various events and gathering. Service has always been pleasant and the tarts are still as good or even better! A little bummed some of the older flavours are no longer kept but still glad there are classic flavours! Thank you!

Jan Sysmans - google
Verified review

We were invited to a dinner party and were asked to bring dessert. We found Le' Tart after a Google search and bought the Miniature Classic Obsession and Miniature Paradise Obsession. We paired the pastries with Umeshu (a Japanese plum liqueur) and it was a total hit.

Clow - google
Verified review

First try and definitely will come back when i need desserts for event. Tarts looks and taste good! Some flavour like passionfruit are really refreshing

Brands that we have served

impress your guests / clients and allow them to be transported to a world of decadence with our luxurious and exquisite artisanal tarts that are work of art, beautifully crafted with intricate designs and bursting with multi-complex flavours that delighted the senses. Crafted with the finest ingredients and a unique addition of edible flowers which add elegance and unique visual elements to our artisanal tarts, each bite offers a burst of sweet, savoury, nutty or fruity flavours that dance on your palette